Feminism – Empowering Women or Degrading Men

Before explaining the topic of this article, I wish to clarify that I strongly believe in the concept of empowering women and providing them equal rights in the society. Women have been harassed a lot in the past because of various social taboos and it’s high time people realise the equality amongst sexes, not only men and women, but also homosexuals, transgenders and others that prevail.


However, I did not had great experiences as far as equality of sexes is concerned. On one side, I really appreciate the fact that society is now aware about providing empowerment to women; few people (read females) have completely mistook the idea of this consent, which also is a harsh reality. Providing equal and fair rights to ladies does not mean abducting the freedom that men should exercise. In the process of empowering a gender, one has to make sure that the other sex is not being restrained.

I would like to mention few examples that I have recently experienced which somehow shows that some people have assumed that feminism is about debasing men.

Being a regular Delhi guy, I was commuting by metro to my office and it being the PEAK time, I was standing in a corner close to the gate of coach. A lady boarded the train from Pragati Maidan metro station and asked me to shift from where I was standing. With a raised eyebrow, I politely refused because I found myself comfortable standing there. I have absolutely no idea what struck her and she started telling me ‘Guys like you should not be allowed to board the train.’ I was shocked and amazed at the same time because of her reaction for not giving my STANDING space to her. I mean, come’on, we (men) don’t have reserved seats in metro so please let us stand mutely where we are at least.

Another incidence happened recently when I was again in the metro, this time sitting and quietly moving towards my destination. A lady, aged 32-35, entered the train and stood right in front of me at a mere distance of approx a feet. A just had a look at her face to which she signalled me to get up from the seat so that she could sit. I did not respond to her signal but was dazed for sometime realising what I did was correct or not. While that lady could ask me to get up from a non-reserved seat; I (sure others too) have also noticed females occupying senior citizens seats and not offering them back if when they see them standing, in anticipation to get a seat.

Rather than any opinion or belief, I have written this post completely based on my experiences. I might have seen only one side of the coin (eagerly waiting to see the other side), but this is what I concluded. Being a firm believer of equal rights in all aspects of the society/ family/ profession, I truly stand firm in strengthening all the laws that abide women enforcement. But at the same time, it is a humble request to others to understand the difference between –