Car Safety – Measures Always Overlooked

Driving a car in India is a task altogether. Not only because of the conditions of the roads, but also how disorganized drivers here are. Whether it is about driving on a highway, a society lane or some other street, you will end up witnessing rash drivers everywhere. Driving is a serious matter of concern here as accidents can lead to severe damages to not only to the victim but also to the people associated with him/her. We have come across several incidents where rash and imprudent runs have ended up in annihilation of many lives.


A large number of population is reaching the RTO office daily for the application of driving license. The funny part – Most of them are inclined to receive their permanent DL in a single go without being examined via written or practical test. I am quite sure that close to 90% applicants are unaware of the exact meaning of different signals that present roadside to warn the incoming vehicles. Seeing this situation, I felt the need to share few points that should be kept in mind while driving on highways –

  1. Car maintenance – This is the most important factor that will ensure your safety on a fast-moving highway. It is absolutely unsafe to ride in a vehicle which is in a compromising condition. No one would ever like to stand on the side of a running highway with a broken car and waiting for some help to arrive. To avoid such an unforeseen circumstance, it is strictly advised to look after the wear and tear of your ride.
  2. Indicating while overtaking – One of the most critical reasons that led to severe accidents are no indication. If your vehicle is equipped with a pair of indicators, there is a reason for it. In any case, if your car is going to change its uniform motion on the highway, you need to indicate others about it. Whether taking turns or overtaking others on a freeway, it is your responsibility to cue signal.
  3. No fast driving on the left lane – The habit of overtaking other cars is a very old and annoying habit of Indian drivers. In the race of reaching early to the destination, they end up breaking several lane driving rules. One among them is fast driving/overtaking from the left lane. In India, lanes are drawn from left to right with respect to increasing speed. While other drivers might be slowing themselves down towards the left side of the road to halt their ride; fast driving on the left lane might not be prudent.
  4. Tire Pressure – Keeping the tire pressure to the maximum while driving is not the best option to follow. An optimum value of pressure has to be maintained in the tires while planning to drive on an expressway. When a car is continuously running, the tires get heated up and due to this, the air pressure begins to increase. So an already fully-filled tire would burst in this condition, making you lose control over the wheel.
  5. Functioning of the mirrors – Your vehicle is provided with a lot of other mirrors apart from the ones which are installed in the windows. There are some well-defined purposes of the rear view and wing mirrors. Avoiding accidents is fairly possible when you ensure that all your windows are functioning properly. Also while going on a highway, it is suggested to keep the window mirrors open and the others operating well.
  6. No overtaking on blind turns – It is widely proven that the most fatal accidents have taken place on blind curves. For a driver, it is quite difficult to determine another vehicle’s position or an incoming one on a blind turn. And seeking to overtake a car on such a phase of your route could be really treacherous. Just following the car which is right in front of you is highly preferred on a blind curve.
  7. Maintaining the right speed – Roads are divided into several lanes and each one has a purpose of existence. Their primary categorization is done to educate the driver about following the right speed in a particular lane. In India, the speed of the vehicle should increase while moving left to right on the lanes. If the proper rule of lane driving is followed, this is quite a surety that the ratio of accidents will fall dramatically.

Having mentioned a number of points here, I leave the final choice to listen and follow these tips for your safety. Life is important – we all get it once and this would be tragic to lose it in such a mishap. Rules of the roads are made for our own safety and following them will lead us to a safe and enduring life. All I can say is –