Health and Fitness in Daily Life

One of the major objectives to live a happy life is being healthy. No matter how much success you have achieved in your career, if you don’t live long enough to cherish it, then such an accomplishment will be of no use for you. You might be busy in shaping your present but in that expeditious run to the finish line, you end up perturbing your future.


Fitness does not merely mean to stay in perfect shape all the time or it is not just restricted to be physically active. Mental wellness is also of equal importance. Work pressure, family stress and relationship struggles are some of the prime reasons for psychic burden. Focussing on it does not mean that physical health can be kept at the back seat. For a good, sound and hearty life, it is vital or us to take regular and proper care of our mind, bones and muscles.

I, myself being a fitness enthusiast, have always kept health in mind. My daily routine is definitely not very rigorous but at the same time, I make sure not to miss out on the important aspects of wellness. Some exercise, plenty of water, nutritious diet, good humour and sound sleep are some of the ‘mantras’ of my well-being.

Though I am not a pro at this, but would surely like to share some tips regarding fitness –

  1. Time: I have read about it and very seriously believe that nothing can be achieved overnight. No different is the case of being fit. Even if you are exercising daily, you really need to keep patience to see good (read great) results. It’s our body and nobody else is going to look after it.
  2. Healthy Meals: With such an occupied daily schedule, it becomes quite difficult to keep-an-eye on the perfect diet. For the well-being of oneself, one needs to make sure that, no matter what your daily drill is, the intake has to be nutrition-rich food, umpteen water and plenty of sleep.
  3. Motivation: If you are not a real fitness freak, it is very important to look for an inspiration. The desire to achieve goals can make people do wonders. Anything that makes you feel better and drives you within can be your reason to get motivated. Keep looking for it!

It is indeed tough to maintain such a legitimate regime but for your own good, one has to. Always remember, every minute counts and each moment of your dedication towards your health will take you only to better grounds.