Studies – A Myth to Success

While growing up we are continuously told by our parents, teachers, family and other people around that STUDYING is the most essential asset that we must own. If we score good grades during our schools and colleges, we will definitely going to be successful in our coming future.


As the time has passed and I have started to understand things, I very strongly believe that the pillars of success are not strengthen through studies. Having said that, it is definitely a very important part as possessing basic knowledge of everything is quite substantial. While mentioning this, I would also like to say that wisdom cannot be misunderstood as intelligence. What we study during our school-time surely helps us to improve our grasp towards different things; but measuring a pupil’s knowledge only on the basis of marks he/she has scored is totally unfair.

I, myself was not a high-scoring student but have certainly learnt some very meaningful and significant stuffs during my course of life. Learning, being a continuous process, will always give me better opportunities to be an improved and insightful person.

After observing the people around me and their outlook towards life, one thing that I have figured out is “SUCCESS and STUDIES do not have any correlation”. Innovation and creativity can never be understood through studies. A thinking which is out-of-the-box, which is not found in any book, which sets you apart is assuredly required for the bird of innovation to spread its wings. So, to make it very concise and simple, I would just like to add –