Bromance – Emotions without Expectations

Bromance – Quite clearly it is a combination of two very strong words “Brother” and “Romance”. It can be described as a solid, heartwarming relationship between two men. Surely, a certain intimacy is involved in such a bond but that is absolutely emotional, and not physical.

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This form of connection that men share has nothing to do with their sexual orientation. Obviously, it being a homosocial bond creates doubt in people’s mind but it is just a reflection of great affection men have for each other. But with society’s rapidly changing insight towards things, this is surely going to make things better for people indulged in it.

For many years, the concept of bromance has been completely misunderstood by people of different communities. Questioning a person’s sexuality just on the basis of his bonding with another is absolutely bizarre. Being connected to a man just because he makes you comfortable, understands you and stand besides you in every situation also develops this feeling of bromance. This might be because males prefer expressing emotions rather than expecting anything in return.

It is very discernible that expectations automatically begin to make space when a relationship is too strong. One of the eminent reasons that demolish a bond is expectation, which is the least in this case. So, to be in this exotic alliance with a male is perfectly fine for other man and shows a coherent eloquence of the society.


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